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Fans demand their money after flopped Malindi Mbosso’s show

[Tanzanian artist Mbosso. Photo/Source/Mbosso].

Hundreds of Tanzanian Bongo flavour Super star Mbosso are now demanding back their money a week later after a badly flopped show.

The what would be a thrilling Easter eve performance badly flopped with Mbosso demanding all his payment from the promoters before taking it to the stage.

The show where Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi famously known as Mbosso diehard fans coughed sh. 1,000 for economic class, sh. 2,000 for VIP and sh. 5,000 for VVIP turned ugly when fans who flocked the Ocean Beach resort in Malindi, Kilifi County were kept waiting until dawn.

The Easter eve party which took place on the 20th April at the Northern tourist destination, Malindi turned ugly past midnight when the organisers who had already paid a down payment of sh. 1.3 million failed to convince the young talented Tanzania musician to take it to the stage.

Mbosso though his management demanded the whole payment of 1.5 million shillings.

However, the organisers said they did not have the remaining sh. 200,000 and that they would pay him off immediately after the show, pleads that Mbosso never entertained.

Fans were forced to consume the open fact that their expectations were and would never be met.

“This was a total pain, I paid my sh. 2,000 so that I enjoy my favourite Tanzania star performing, the promoters should pay my money back,” said John Mtwana.

Another fan Nancy Atieno said that in such a flop show promoters should pay back the fans.

“I only attended the Easter eve party all the way from Mtwapa to see Mbosso, nothing else, I think authorities mandated to regulate such performing arts and music should intervene,” said an agitated Atieno.

Mbosso of the Nipepee, Hodari, Nadekezwa, the list is endless hugely disappointed his fan as the case ended up at Malindi police station via OB No. 31/21/4/2019.

He disappointed his fans despite shooting some of his music videos in Malindi.

Mbosso however, apologised to his fans who came long way to enjoy his thrilling performance.

He however stated clearly that the organisers of the event did not honour the agreement the reason why his management blocked him from performing.

Mbosso and the whole of his crew checked out of the hotel Sunday morning and to date nothing tangible has been revealed on the aftermath of the only ‘imagined’ performance.