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For the love of Mexican soap operas!


A Mombasa 14 seater matatu (now 8 seater matatu) was spoted with a unique graffiti at the back.

The Bamburi- Likoni Ferry bound matatu operators expressed their love for soap opera -La please desu vida or in simply title ‘Ringo’.

The program airs on Citizen Television everyday at 8 pm.

‘Ringo’ first premiered on January, 21, 2019 and the last episode ended on 12th, May, 2019 and the language used was Spanish.

Mexican soap operas remain favorite for many Kenyan women, however men also watch the operas especially those interested in engaging themselves in some serious production.

Indeed as a local producer you may agree with the fact the in Mexican soap operas there are serious actions, the program is very entertaining, it easily hijack one’s emotions and there is always some advancements in actions.

‘Ringo’ is pegged on a love story that is fully of fight and intrigues with honest and ‘demon’ kind of character, which is exactly what Kenyas local production is missing.

The program also gives different perception on women especially when Ms Luz Ramos (Rosa) is aiming high, to become a professional boxer, a sport that is known to be men’s thing.

[Mariana Paulina Torres Gonzalez (Julia Garray) (left) with Edgar Jose’ Ron Vasquez a.k.a Juan Jose’ Remires (Ringo). Photo/ Las Estrellas networks].

‘Ringo’ the most watched soap opera in Kenya is an adoption of an Agentina telenovela entitled ‘Sos mi Hombre’.

It was created by renowned Mexicans Adrian Suar and produced by Lucero Suarez.

It involves talented characters such as Ringo, Julia Garray, Luz Edith Rojas (Brenda), George Poza ( Diego Jauregui a.k.a Diego, Gabriela Carrillo (Gloria) among many others.

As ugly as they might be, learn to embrace local production won’t you!