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Gospel singer Guardian angel proposes to his 51 year old girlfriend

[Love birds Esther Musila and Gospel artist Guardian Angel. Photo/Courtesy].

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has penned down a romantic love letter after proposing to his girlfriend Esther Musila.

Musila is aged 51 while Guardian angel is 30 years old.

In a romantic love letter, Guardian babied his queen with lots of praises, stating that he used to be incomplete but she completed him. Adding that, Ms Musila made him believe that true love still exists.

The Lwanda hit-maker also made a revelation that he almost gave up on his music career but Esther helped turn things around.

He said ‘I was empty, you filled up the space. I was incomplete, you completed me. I almost gave up on my career, you came into my life when a lot of things were falling apart but within a short while you transformed everything and brought my life into a beautiful shape. Since the first day I fell in love with you, I have always been confident that you are the one. I am proud I chose you. You have made me believe that there is true love. It is amazing how you love me. I can go on and on my love but for now let me wish you blessings. Rada yako itazidi kubadilika’.

“I did not go for her money, am deeply in love with her,” once revealed the Gospel artist.

Upon seeing the sweet message, Ms Musila replied saying that life has never been the same again since meeting Guardian Angel.

“Awww my love, this is so humbling. I must say that life for me has never been the same since the day I met you. You have taught me what humility is and I see life in a different way. You love me for who I am and my life is at peace. You mean the world to me and I am glad God chose me for you. Let’s continue to do this thing called Life together with God on our side, we have nothing to fear. I love you for me and thank you for giving my life a whole new meaning. I love you so much. THANKS FOR COMING,”responded Ms Musila.

[Guardian Angel proposes to the love of his life Esther Musila. Photo/Courtesy].

Esther says her last born is 22 years old.

Esther works for the UN.