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Happy father’s day!

-KMPDU Coast region Secretary Dr. Abidan Mwachi. Photo/courtesy].

Fathers countrywide on Sunday enjoyed father’s day.

I could not figure out what father’s should be doing on this day but at least they will be responding to Mother’s day.

If you know you are irresponsible father don’t bother and show us off your other side of pathetic life and behaviors.

If you are responsible father clearly understand your roles and responsibilities in you family well done.

If you are somewhere trying to be a father or you recently got married and vowed to be a responsible father please do not lose focus, seek God’s guidance.

If you choose to be like the Opus Dei followers who don’t want to cause more troubles to the already troubled world you have nothing to worry about.

However, for the children who believe that they have a responsibility to ensure their fathers are living better lives especially in rural areas I commend you.

Some have been flashing photos of their fathers or congratulatory messages while back at home their parents are living in pathetic, deplorable conditions, be ashamed of yourselves.

Being a father

As a responsible father like the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union- KMPDU Coast region Dr. Abidan Mwachi and Wundanyi Legislature Danson Mwashaco, always ensure you have time for your family if you have no time then create one.

[Wundanyi MP Danson Mwashaco with his child. Photo/courtesy].

Always love your children despite challenges, accommodate them.

Engage your children and their mother on various issues especially now that they are at home, ensure they fully understand why they are not in school, don’t let them only come into the house when they are hungry.

Gauge their reasoning capacity at a very tender age, tell them what you normally do at work, clearly describing your career to them, this helps them understand why you are working that hard for them.

Don’t ignore religious matters, your wife and children may be too religious than yourself but try joining them in church or other houses of worship sometime it’s hard but do it.

Once in a while spend time with them outside home set-up. Let them learn that the world is full of all types and manners of people and scenario, this broadens their reasoning capacity and changes perception.

Don’t forget to guide your children on the right path, your wisdom may be their best inheritance.

Dr. Mwachi and Lawmaker Danson Mwashaco are a great example.

Too but that my father passed….I blame no one but i thank God for everything.

Happy father’s day!