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How Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather spends.

[Boxing legend Mayweather has added to his incredible £20million car collection.Photo/courtesy]

Floyd Mayweather has added to his £20million car collection by showing off SEVEN new luxurious motors.

The 44-year-old Boxing legend shared a clip of the seven new white cars he has purchased which includes four Bugatti Veyron supercars that cost £1.7m.

In an Instagram post, Mayweather’s driveway can be seen filled with white cars, including a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and two Rolls Royces.

A Maybach was also seen parked up, along with a Bentley and a Range Rover.

Captioning the clip, Mayweather said: “7 toys for all 7 days, 8 armed security for 24 hrs a day …why not?!”

American star Mayweather regularly shares snaps of his cars on social media.

Meanwhile one of his 21.7 million followers quipped: “Damn, we didn’t know you were rich.”

Another stated: “You have great taste.”

A third added: “Floyd doesn’t even use all these cars, they are just for a house decoration.”