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I am grateful to be alive! – King Kaka

[Kenya musician King Kaka in his hospital bed. Photo/courtesy].

Kenya’s top rapper Kennedy Ombima famously known as (King Kaka) has come out to share his painful encounter after being bedridden for three months.

King Kaka has been taken ill and to some point, he was diagnosed with the wrong ailments and given the wrong treatment as well.

To some point, he was giving up, thanks to his wife Nana Owiti who remained by his bedside when King Kaka was facing all the tribulations.

“They (doctors) drilled my hip bone for a bone marrow sample. I was between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana and Mom visited but the truth is the nights got darker and I would be back in the ring with life,” he posted.

He said the experience cannot be put in words since he is the only person who can internalise and feel.

He deeply admits that the night at the hospital when the devil threw in a few suggestions were long but the light got stronger for King Kaka to listen.

“Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realised that waking up is a blessing, are you able to eat? That is a blessing. Do you have a support system? That’s a blessing,” he said.

King Kaka who is now stable extended his gratitude to doctors and nurses who spent their time taking care of him under whatever circumstances.

[Top Kenyan rapper King Kaka. Photo/courtesy].

“One day I will tell the full story but as of now, I have summarised it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you,” the top rapper famed for his Wajinga nyinyi (You are fools) song noted.