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Instagram will BAN you if you don’t reveal your real birthday

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You will be required to provide your birthday, if you don’t tell, you won’t be able to use the Instagram app.

You may have already given Instagram your birthday details, but if you haven’t, it’s about to start demanding them.

Instagram is bringing in new rules about birthdays in an attempt to protect children online.

There’s a possibility to ignore the requests up to a point and then the app will stop working properly for you.

Instagram has said it will be using age-detecting AI in the future to find anyone who is lying about their age.

This may look at comments on your posts for clues.

If you’re suspected of lying you may be asked to verify your age with some ID.

Instagram said in a blog post: “We’ve been clear that we want to do more to create safer, more private experiences for young people.

“To do that we need to know how old everybody is on Instagram, so we’ve started asking people to share their birthday with us if they haven’t shared it previously.”

The social App management explained that the app will show you a notification a handful of times and if you haven’t provided them with your birthday by a certain point, you’ll need to share it to continue using Instagram.

“This information is necessary for new features we’re developing to protect young people.” said the post.

Despite the efforts put across to ensure young people are protected against online vices, the move was received with lots of criticism.