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It’s a matter of time, love and affection will premier on ‘Nipashe wikendi’

[Love birds, Rashid Abdallah and His wife Lulu Hassan. Photo/Courtesy]

So what’s new with the much hyped Citizen ‘Nipashe wikendi’ with the two love birds co-hosting?

I though the much preparations and re-launching of Citizen TV would bring fresh content to our screens, however, there was nothing much than seeing the couple just reading news.

Indeed Citizen ‘Nipashe wikendi’ the Swahili 7 pm weekend news bulletin has totally nothing for me as an audience.

It is the first time as their colleagues would always sing and hype that a couple is anchoring news but nothing fresh.

What was presented was just the normal news content, no fresh segments, no fresh approach in matters news dissemination.

It is a matter of time and love and affection will be evident on screen.

The posture, the long throughout smiles from wife to husband and husband to his wife just created a home environment and not a serious presentation of news on a national television. Indeed Citizen TV missed the point.

Can those Managing news content add fresh segments so that the new look become a clearer new re-launched Citizen ‘Nipashe wikendi’ and not the normal news we have been watching all along.

Anyway am not despising the re-launch. More efforts were put in making it happen but for a couple Citizen ‘Nipashe wikendi’ to anchor is a total crap.

However, am partially impressed by the 9 pm news bulletin, the anchors have tried their level best in conducting analysis and bringing in reporters to shade more light and in depth explanation on the news and features they gathered, as well as mid bulleting interviews. A nice trial and kudos!

As one of Citizen TV audiences, I am still waiting for fresh content and not couple faces smearing love and affection on a national television.