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Jalang’o ditches Milele FM, where to?

[Renowned comedian Jalang'o. Photo/courtesy].

Renowned comedian Felix Odiwour famously known as Jalang’o has left his fans across the country with anxiety after he announced his exit at Milele FM.

Milele FM is a Mediamax Network Limited owned radio station broadcasting nationally.

At Milele FM, Jalang’o hosted the Mega Milele breakfast alongside the Station manager Alex Mwakideu.

The duo left Standard Group owned Radio Maisha to effect major changes at Milele FM, making it the most listened radio station that has given Royal Media Service owned Radio citizen management sleepless nights.

Jalang’o said he will now be concentrating more on his BongaNaJallas YouTube channel.

“We did not rhyme well with the Human resource manager at Mediamax Network Limited, so this simply means last Friday was my last day at Mediamax Network Limited and at Milele FM,” posted Jalang’o.

The lay-offs

The fall of Mediamax is evident after the company laid off over 100 staff on Sunday night.

It replaced the crew with Switch TV and TV47.

K24 TV and the People Daily bore the brunt where journalists among them editors, reporters and News anchors were fired through sms.

So will Mwakideu manage it alone considering the fact that the two rhymed well back at Radio Maisha and throughout Milele FM?

Odiwour has moved the breakfast show extremely well and back at The Standard Group, the two made Radio Maisha the most listened radio station.