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Jalang’o pained by comedian’s ‘get rich quick’ notion

[Renowned Comedian Jalang'o. Photo/courtesy].

Renowned comedian Felix Odiwuor famously known as Jalang’o has expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which upcoming comedians have been living.

Jalang’o said it is heartbreaking for comedians to rush things instead of slowly building their characters, skills and careers.

According to Jalang’o it is through such ‘living high’ behavior that some have remained confused and suffering psychologically.

In his long post on his social media platforms Jalang’o singled out Churchill show comedian Kasee.

Kasee, a little known young comedian died in a condition that the top comedian and entrepreneur termed it as a wake-up call to comedian countrywide.


“This year we have lost a number of comedians some may have been killed by you for setting them high living standards that they could not afford,” he reiterated.

The BongaNaJallas YouTube channel proprietor insisted comedian are human beings who should not be put under pressure to become rich and show off expensive cars but instead who also live simple life.

“I have been doing comedy since 2005 it’s never rosy bed, patience is highly needed,” he said.

Jalang’o resigned from Mediamax Network Limited owned Milele FM after a payment misunderstanding between him and his employer.

He recently hinted of modifying BongaNaJallas YouTube channel to become an fully fledged online TV.