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Jalang’o TV on the way

[Renowned Comedian Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o. Photo/courtesy].

He is not just a comedian but a comedian with subsistence.

Felix Odiwuor famously known as Jalang’o is planning big things with the youth in his mind.

The comedian who has had a distinguished career is thinking what many Kenyans need to think by now and stop depending on seeking employment.

BongaNaJallas is heading to a fully-fledged TV station that no doubt will give other locals TV stations a run for their money.

According to Jalang’o, “When things open up one has to create opportunities for others and especially the youth who are suffering in silence”

In a two minute thirty seconds video clip posted on his Facebook page, Jalang’o is clearly explaining to the youth how he want to develop BongaNaJallas to Jalang’o TV.

[Artist Nadia Mukami (Left) with BongaNaJallas host Jalang’o. Photo/courtesy].

“We can make this TV a number one online TV station internationally through our own dedication and creativity,” he says.

The comedian says Jalang’o TV will have adequate content including news, sports, comedy, entertainment among many other segments that will create employment opportunity for journalists and the youth.

Jalang’o recently ditched Milele FM and decided to walk his own path avoiding the very many calls from other stations badly yearning for him.