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Joho’s ‘Swag’ extremely fascinating!

[ Most influential Coast Politician and mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. He clearly understands about serious and social life. his clothing style is truly mesmerizing. Photo/Courtesy]

Mombasa Governor Ali hassan joho is known to be a man of both serious and social life. The famously 001 or Sultan has unique enthralling style and fittings that will make you fall in love with.

Jambo entertainment team drops samples of The Mombasa governor thrilling style that will make you completely fall in love with the 001 style of clothing.

[Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. he loves reading a range of books from novels, inspirational, political but mostly he cherishes reading the Holy Q’uran where he says his strength comes from. Photo/ Courtesy/GPS]

[Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. he loves such sitting style and at times chatting with friends in the Political and entertainment sector. He loves life and always keeps in touch with the community he serves and a renowned influential political leader. Photo/ Courtesy/GPS].

[At times he uses his chopper to transverse the county and to other neighbouring County among them Kilifi where he likes exchanging ideas with his close political ally and Kilifi County Governor Amason Jeffa Kingi. A closer eye on the shoes and the clothing style very expensive and absorbing. Photo/Courtesy/GPS].

[More charming outfit of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Photo/Courtesy].

[When in an official religious function or celebration for example Eid-Ul-Fitri, Eid- Ul-Adha, Eid baraza, Mombasa governor will not disappoint, he keeps calm and knows what to wear while standing in front of his muslims brothers and sisters. he does not show off does he? he only respect and love his people. Photo/Courtesy/GPS].

[Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho joins dancers and Sauti ya Pwani FM Presenter  Sollom Zully at a past function. Joho can entertain and dance as well. he has mingled with renowned artists among them Ali kiba and no doubt he is an entertainer. However during such entertainment scenes he meditate more about the youth and how best he can nurture their talents. Photo/Courtesy/GPS].

[The most influential Coast politician and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was not left behind in the ’10 years challenge’ he vividly recalls when he was the Kisauni MP. He sharpened his political career to become the first Mombasa County governor. he is now serving his second term as the Mombasa County Chief. Photo/ Courtesy/GPS].


[Joho flying high while travelling all over the world in networking bid for the county’s growth. he enabled Mombasa County to become among the strong cities network, he made his Mombasa county hosts the first tourism (SKAL) conference in Mombasa. A truly hardworking Governor. Photo/Courtesy/GPS] 

[In a congregation of Muslim faithful, Joho only pray and meditate. he is a truly Muslim brother to many and always believe in God as the creator and ruler of the world. despite being rich he remembers and values human being a believer he is. Photo/ Courtesy/GPS].


[Mombasa County Chief gets serious in a serious environment. He is a very influential Coastal and national politician. hate him or love he has a special place in the hearts of Mombasa and Coastal residents. Joho has placed his bid for 2022 presidential race and has received massive support from Coastal residents. Do not forget the time when he took the President head-on, fearless Joho vowed not to relent politically. Photo/Courtesy/GPS]