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Kaka Zema shows love for his culture

[Milele FM Presenter Yusuf Zema famously known as 'Kaka Zema' on air/ Photo/courtesy].

Renowned radio presenter Yusuf Zema has flaunted his love for his Mijikenda culture.

Zema well known as ‘Kaka Zema’ on air showed his love for the Kisutu attire, a native cultural wear for the Mijikenda community.

According to Zema, he loves his culture and will never at any point shy away from expressing the love to the public.

Kaka Zema who moved from Royal Media owned Radio citizen to MediaMax Limited owned Milele FM is a darling for his vast fans countrywide.

Witty broadcaster

He is known for his witty radio broadcasting always maintaining and recruiting more fans.

[Kaka Zema in his Kisutu cultural attire at work. Photo/courtesy].

He has hosted Milele drive an evening drive show and Kazi mpango, Milele FM mid-morning show.

He is witty on air with his state of art Swahili ascent Zema hold his audience by engaging them more on air.

In the three-quarter design Kisutu shirt that fits with his well built body, Zema says he just love being presentable but in a unique way.

He hails from Kwale County and has a vast experience in radio broadcast.

[Milele FM radio presenter Yusuf Zema aka ‘Kaka Zema’. Photo/courtesy].


He started his radio journey at a Mombasa based Islamic station Radio Salaam, he later moved to Royal Media owned Bahari FM, he climbed the ladder to Radio Citizen and later ditched the station to Milele FM where he currently works.

“I just love culture and uniqueness that’s why Kisutu attire is my choice,” noted the talented, experienced creative radio personality with a commanding broadcasting voice.