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Kenyan socialites desperate for publicity

[Kenyan socialite Shakillah. Photo/courtesy].

Kenyans were treated to a petty drama after a little known socialite by the name Shakilla claimed over 25 Kenyan celebrities have laid her down.

In an interview with an influencer Xtiandela, the young Shakilla who is well known for her publicity stunts actually mentioned renowned and respected musicians among them top Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Johnnes, Ringtone, Willy Paul aka Willy Poze, Soccer star Victor Wanyama among many others.

She must be hot and sweeter right?

Shakilla further revealed that she had sex with Khaligraph in her friend’s place at Kilimani area, Nairobi.

Very thirsty for top artists, Shakilla during the interview openly confessed on her explicit behaviour.

However, Shakilla may have pressed the wrong button as Khaligraph Johnnes warned the socialite of serious legal actions if she does not apologise with 2 hours.

Indeed the lady apoligised saying she was drunk during the interview! What a shame.

Khaligraph said she does not know the lady and she had not slept with her warning of serious consequences.

The other artist remained mum of the issue.

Recently the socialite claimed that many celebrities were searching for her only to ‘taste’ her hotness!