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Kenyans painfully mourn Papa Shirandula

[The late renowned comedian Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula. Photo/courtesy].

Kenyans have expressed shock and disbelief after learning about Charles Bukeko’s death.

Led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto they termed Mr. Bukeko famously known as Papa Shirandula as a top thespian who Kenyans will live to remember.

Kiss FM presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor famously known as Jalang’o said Shirandula brought local production to the limelight.

“He is actually the one who baptised me Jalang’o when we worked together, and Jalang’o remains my name,” revealed Jalang’o

Jalang’o termed Shirandula as a unique talented comedian who actually knew what Kenyans wanted to watch in a local comedy Papa Shirandula.

Jalang’o said Shirandula was among the top comedian who patiently build, worked and sharpened his comedy career.

[Comedian and Kiss FM presenter Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o. Photo/courtesy].

“To attain his goals in life, Shirandula was patient enough he did not rush things,” said Jalang’o

Short illness

Shirandula took his final bow at the Karen hospital on Saturday.

His family said they are yet to establish the cause of his death.

“What we know is that he was ailing since Monday but he developed breathing complications on Saturday morning and succumbed few minutes later,” said his wife Beatrice Andega.

Shirandula has been gracing living rooms with Papa Shirandula TV series that airs on Citizen Television.

He won the Kalasha awards male best actor in 2010.