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King Kaka pens down lovely message for wife

[Top rapper King Kaka with his wife Nana Owiti. Photo/Courtesy].

Top Kenyan Rapper King Kaka (Kennedy Ombima) has jotted an emotional but lovely message to his wife Nana Owiti that will make ladies especially those singles jealous!

“Niliwacha kuwa inspired na wao, sikuhizi Niko inspired na family kwa hao”

Today marks 10yrs of Love with my bestfriend Nana Owiti Woooow Ata sijui nianze wapi?

We’ve had our fair share of fights and disagreements but the summary is You.

The light that God put in you has shown me the way enough times when the tunnel had no clear guide.

We encourage each other, our long talks could change the world. Sometimes I stare at you and think ‘God is too amazing to have created such a being for me’

[King Kaka’s lovely family. Photo/Courtesy].

Thank you for holding me down always, Thankyou for the lessons, Thankyou for the beautiful family, I Thank God for your heart and Love. Hadi tukunje mgongo.

I love you Nana Owiti!