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KTN News reporter saves street children

[KTN News Reporter Timothy Otieno. Photo/courtesy/Timothy Otieno].

He is known for his captivating human interest and social stories.

But mostly his stories will leave his vast audience in pain and tears following the magnitude of suffering and devastation the subjects go through in their daily lives.

KTN News youngest but talented News Reporter recently filed a story on how street children were going through hardships, without food for more than 36 hours in the street of Nairobi.

The special news feature was titled ‘Empty streets empty stomachs’.

It was themed so to express the suffering street families go through and whose lives have changed from bad to worse following the Covid-19 pandemic where most of Nairobi streets are totally deserted.

Impact journalism

Mr. Otieno spent the whole night piecing up his painful tale by engaging the street children who have spent some days without a meal.

In a devastating tale, one of the street children Musa Mohammed is narrating to Otieno how they are suffering and he actually breaks into tears in the middle of the interview.

In the news feature, the children with one elder person Stephen Okwemba, 56 whom they treat as their only parent is seen arriving at the ‘base’ at Uhuru park with some oranges.

Okwemba lost his job as security guard barely two years ago and the streets has become his home.

Painful tale

The oranges are to be shared among all of them.

The share would be one orange to at least 5 to 6 children since today his journey at the nearby Wakulima market to scavenge for fruits has yielded only two oranges.

[KTN News Reporter Timothy Otieno joining the Boys after he rescued them. Photo/courtesy].

“I left home in 2009, since then, I have been camping on the streets of Nairobi, life has never been that tough as it is now during the Coronavirus pandemic,” said the 19 year old Musa with tears flowing freely down his cheeks.

Immediately after airing the story the 22 street children together with their elder Okwemba were rescued to a safer place.

Through a presidential directive, the children are now at safe, secured place at Tone la Maji rescue centre, in Nairobi.

Their destiny is slated for better.

[Embedded is the link of the ‘Empty streets empty stomachs’ feature By Timothy Otieno/courtesy/Standard group/KTN News]