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KTN’s talents pair up on NTV Jioni

[The New NTV Jioni faces Fridah Mwaka with Lofty Matambo. Photo/Courtesy].

Top KTN News talents Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo will soon grace living rooms on NTV Jioni.

The two left KTN News where they sharpened their journalism career and joined Nation Media Group owned NTV Swahili News desk that was crumbling.

The first to ditch KTN News was Fridah Mwaka who joined the Standard Group owned television channel during the last episode of the Presenter, a Standard Group talent search program.

Though Frida did not sail through in the first place but only Mitchelle Ngele and Jamal Gaddafi won, Mwaka was later called together with Abuller Ahmed to join the Swahili News desk and Sports News desk respectively after the sacking of Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

She has been a dedicated journalist anchoring the KTN News Swahili Weekend bulletin since then as well as gathering news and features across the country.

She recently left KTN News for NTV.

However, Fridah could not do it alone and she pulled to the other side his close workmate and friend Lofty Matambo who anchored KTN Leo Swahili news bulletin and Kimasomaso program among other roles.


Lofty also presented gospel show at the leading Standard Group owned radio station Radio Maisha.

However, when bidding good bye to his loyal fans recently, the talented News anchor with state of the art Swahili accent assured his fans that he was going to meet them soon on air.

Training ground

No doubt KTN News lost great talents to NTV and the channel is expected to recruit other fresh talents.

In the recent years, other TV channels have highly depended on KTN News whenever they wanted to re-energise their news rooms.

Royal Media Services owned Citizen TV’s entire news room is made up of KTN News team, thanks to S.K Macharia fat cheque book.

Matambo and Mwaka will host the Swahili prime bulletin NTV Jioni as well as NTV Sasa, a live coverage of news across the country and the globe in Swahili language that normally airs in the afternoon.

However, for the team to be complete, Nation Media Group need to return into the Swahili News desk top, experienced, humble, hardworking, multi-talented journalist, editor and top Swahili TV News Anchor Harith Salim.