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‘Mama Fatma’ comedian scoffed for disregarding Islamic teachings

[Top Mombasa comedian 'Mama Fatma' real name Idris Salim].

Top Mombasa comedian Idris Salim famously known as ‘Mama Fatma’ has found himself between a rock and hard place after a section of Muslim clerics scoffed at him.

‘Mama Fatma’ who has become a darling to many comedy lovers in the Coast region and the entire country was recently gnashed by Muslim clerics who said the young man is flouting the teachings of the holy Q’uran.

The preachers said it was unholy for Mr. Idris being a young Muslim to wear female attires in the name of acting.

Jundan mosque preacher Sheikh Aboud Mohammed among other preachers criticised the boy saying he was not only flouting Islamic teachings but misleading his fans and peers.

Sheikh Aboud urged the young comedian to cease acting in his opposite gender.

Against Islam

“We all know it is against our religious norms for people to force themselves in their opposite sex, this is unacceptable,” he said.

Other preachers also crushed the promising comedian who has strong followers in all the social media platforms and youth have keenly been following his rib-cracking videos.

[Two different photos of ‘Mama Fatma’ Idris Salim. Photo/courtesy].

“A Muslim young man putting on bra, ladies panties and dresses in the name of comedy costumes, this is not allowed in our religion,” lamented another cleric.

However, the top promising comedian who has been working hard to build his name in the highly competitive entertainment industry says he will not be distracted by such criticism.

While responding to the religious leaders, ‘Mama Fatma’ said he is just a comedian and nothing else.


The renowned actor from Kidogo Comedy which was once featured on KTN Home TV channel says his journey has been tough and needs a hardworking and relentless Man who cannot be easily side-tracked.

“I have forgiven all the Muslim clerics who have been on my neck since Monday throughout the week, I am only doing this to earn an honest living,” noted the top, talented Idris Salim mostly referred to as ‘Mama Fatma’.

He has been doing various captivating videos and comedy and the young man seems to be heading to serious acting together with another man referred to as ‘Baba Fatma.

[Top Mombasa comedian Idris Salim aka ‘Mama Fatma’. Photo/courtesy].

However, his career seems to be dazed after a section of Muslim preachers distracted him urging him to act just like a man and not a woman as it contradicts the holy Islamic teachings.

Indeed, the renowned Mombasa based top comedian is caught up between proceeding with his promising career, change tactics or completely drop the talent altogether.