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No formal complaint police say as Octopizzo’s fights to clear his name

[Renowned Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga famously known as Octopizzo. Photo/courtesy]

Police have revealed that they are yet to launch any investigations concerning an incident where a renowned rapper Octopizzo is said to have killed a Strathmore university student.

Blooded images emerged as the family of 19 year old Kenneth Abom insists that Octopizzo killed their kin on Saturday night.

The family said that Abom is an artist and that directly links him to the renowned rapper.

The autopsy report is ready and will be shared to the family on Tuesday.

However, Octopizzo stood on his ground insisting he doesn’t know Abom.

He said Abom went to his house and straight to his bedroom at the fourth floor of the Woodley apartments.

It is alleged that Octopizzo threatened to kill Abom that’s when the Strathmore student went to the bathroom and jumped from the fourth floor of the apartment to his death.

Henry Ohanga well known as Octopizzo a Kenyan rapper has since denied killing Abom.

However, with all the intrigues and clashing statements, nothing has been reported to the police. This indicates that police cannot conduct any investigations until a formal complaint is booked at any police station.

With the more intrigues and revelations, the top Kenyan rapper should get ready to battle a heavy murder case.