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No ‘Nyege nyege’ festivals in Uganda-Minister warns

[Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo. Photo/Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Ministry]

Uganda Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo has cancelled the much hyped Nyege nyege music festival which was to begin on Thursday the 6th September.

Mr. Lokodo said that the festivals were marred by open sex, alcohol, drugs and worse thing it involved the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex –LGBTIQ community.

He said that the three day purported music and arts festival was meant to encourage youth to homosexual and lesbianism and that the Uganda government would not allow such thing to happen in the country.

Lokodo said that the government will be very vigilant and whoever attempts to attend or organize such event will face the full wrath of the law.

Mr. Lokodo further warned those sponsoring such ‘Nuisance’ that they will also be dealt with according to the law.

[Youth dancing during the Ugandan ‘Nyege nyege’ Music and arts three day festival in Uganda last year. Photo/Courtesy]

“The festivals allows open sex at any time of the day or night, alcoholism even to the under age, noise, nudity and worse thing the LGBTIQ practices which we will not allow,” he retorted.

Mr. Lokodo said that the festivals were monitored last year however the Ugandan main brewery limited Bell lager which sponsored the festival managed to organize it.

“These rubbish were scheduled to take place at the six acre forest right at the River Nile banks, we have sent our security details to manage the situation, we want to protect the image of our country,” he added.

This year’s Nyege nyege festival was sponsored by the main Uganda telecom company MTN but Lokodo has sent a red flag and dared the sponsor to go ahead.

[Ladies attending Nyege nyege music festivals in Uganda last year posing for a photo. Photo/Courtesy]

Lokodo’s move has prompted mixed reaction from Ugandans with many youth supporting the event while a section of Ugandan opposing it saying that it was aiming at eroding the ethics and behaviours of Ugandan youth and the entire community.

Last years’ event which was termed ‘successful’ Nyege nyege music festivals attracted over 300 Ugandans mainly youths and was attended by over 30 artists from various African countries.