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Octopizzo in the wrong arm of the law?

[Kenyan rapper, Henry Ohanga famously known as Octopizzo,/ Photo courtesy]

Renowned Kenyan rapper Octopizzo has denied killing Strathmore university student on student.

The family of 19 year old Kenneth Abom dragged the name of the Kenyan star rapper into the death of their son saying that he was injured at Octopizzo’s house before he met his death.

It is alleged that Henry Ohanga famously known as Octopizzo threatened to kill Abom by slashing him with a panga for getting into his Woodley apartments without an invitation.

The threats forced the 19 year old Strathmore university students to jump to his death from fourth floor of the apartment.

Octopizzo has since denied the allegations saying that Abom came to his house while already in bloody cloths and fully of severe injuries.

The rapper is still entangled in the unclear incident as the story unfolds.