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OMG! Pwani FM presenter shocks fans!

[Renowned radio personality Gates Mgenge. Photo/courtesy].

Renowned Pwani FM presenter has shocked his vast fans after he put on a female dress.

The female dress is famously known as Dera (Swahili loose dress).

Eric Gates Mgenge, a renowned entertainer and radio personality promised his fans that if Manchester United is floored by Chelsea football club in the last Sunday evening match he will on Monday put on a female dress complete with head scarf and go to the Pwani FM studios wearing the same.

On Monday, Mgenge fulfilled his promise after Manchester United was hard hit to the wall after losing 3-1 to Chelsea Sunday night.

Mgenge posted

‘If Chelsea wins today, kesho naenda job nimevalia Dera na mtandio plus make-up on top’ a promise that he fulfilled on Monday.

[OMG! Radio personality Gates Mgenge in his new female outfit. Photo/courtesy].

In fact he hosted the Pwani FM mid-morning show Mashavmashav university while in Dera.

Mgenge a renowned radio personality has worked at the KBC owned radio station Pwani FM, he later moved to Pilipili FM where among other was declared redundant and fired.

He rejoined Pwani FM where he now hosts the Mashavmashav university,

mid-morning youthful entertainment show.