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‘OmmyDallah’ ditches bachelor’s club

[Newly weds Omar Abdallah with his wife Tatu Hassan. Photo/Courtesy]

Renowned blogger Omar Abdallah famously known as ‘OmmyDallah’ said ‘I do’ in a glamorous wedding ceremony held in Mombasa on Sunday.

Mr. Abdallah who owns Ommydallah.com blog tied the knot in a fully packed Mulla mosque in Mombasa before the newly weds headed to Mikindani the groom’s home for a well prepared reception.

Abdallah, a trained journalist and a blogger who had rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty in the entertainment industry within East Africa opened his heart to the love of his life Tatu Hassan in a wedding that was attended by the media and political fraternity in Mombasa and Tanzania.

The renowned blogger had worked for an Islamic Coast based radio station Radio Rahma before relocating to Tanzania where she worked for Kiss FM a top Tanzania entertainment radio station for two years.

[The newly weds Omar Abdallah with his wife Tatu Hassan. Photo/Courtesy]

He returned to Mombasa where he has been concentrating on his blog that focuses more on entertainment and political stories.

He revealed that the time had come for him to step into marriage life and muse more on building his family and career too.

“I understand that marriage life needs a lot of dialogue, persevering, dedication, and a different way of living, my parents, elders and friends have been advising me, I value and treasure their bold guidance,” he said

The hardworking journalist has been very close with entertainers across East Africa and OmmyDallah remains a house hold name in Mombasa and Tanzania.

[Omar Abdallah. Photo/Courtesy]

He is set to leave for Tanzania for his honeymoon before he returns to Mombasa to build up his journalism career and concentrate more on expanding his blog.

[Embedded are some of the photos during the glamorous wedding ceremony conducted under Islamic rituals.]

[Omar Abdallah (Right) with his Best man Radio Rahma’s Assistant editor Ali Mwalimu. Photo/Courtesy]

[From Left; Pilipili FM’s Aisha Abushir AKA Mama Madiko diko, Omar Abdallah and his wife Tatu Hassan, Radio Rahma’s Programs Controller Faiza Musa. Photo/Courtesy]

[From Left; Former Pwani TV News anchor Sophia Mwakio, Pwani FM’s Dalilah Athman, Communication Officer at Mombasa County Senator’s office Khadija Mwinyi, Pilipili FM’s Aisha Abushir (Mama Madiko diko, Radio Rahma’s Presenters Mariam Kamau and Fatma Mrindoko. Photo/Courtesy]

[KBC Journalists Johnes Mombinya (Left) Hanniel Alemayehu (Centre) and Sunday Express Correspondent Tobby Otum (Far right) during OmmyDallah’s wedding. Photo/Courtesy]


[Radio Rahma’s Sports presenter Luqman Mahmoud Abdallah (In yellow attire serving journalists during OmmyDallah’s wedding. Photo/Courtesy]