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Radio Kaya presenter celebrates birthday in silence

[Radio Kaya Presenter Robert Matano a.k.a Robby Dallaz. Photo/courtesy].

Radio personality Robert Matano celebrated his birthday in silence on Tuesday.

Matano famously known as Robby Dallaz on air who together with Caroline Mkamburi hosts Radio Kaya mid-morning show Kaya Flavas thanked God for the marvelous journey he has been through.

Dallaz took over the mid-morning show changing the Coast entertainment scene and he has always been celebrating his vast audience every day.

He however acknowledged that this year’s birthday has been very challenging and could not throw a party to his audience and working partners in the entertainment industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Birthday revisit

“I could not even share a cake with my fellow staffs at Radio Kaya due to the unpredictable situation but after the storm we will revisit this and enjoy,” noted the always joyful radio Presenter.

[Radio Kaya presenter Robby Dallaz (Robert Matano) at Radio Kaya studios. Photo/courtesy].

Robby Dallaz has built his personality, becoming a loved entertainment icon across the region.

“I have never seen tough times as the current ones, no outside studio entertainment event, I can’t meet Radio Kaya fans at their locality, the entertainment scene is totally grounded,” he said.

He however assured his fans of maximum entertainment through his popular show Kaya Flavas.

Dallaz who many of his fans now refer to him as ‘Jamaa la maitemz’ following his popular celebrity hot 411 segment dubbed maitemz within the show has asked his fans to remain calm until the storm is over.

Recently, Dallaz surprised his fans that he was actually a father to a 7 year old Prince.

He joined radio Kaya last year April and according to the radio Presenter the journey has been quite amazing!