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Radio Maisha Presenter Billy Miya gives Mulamwah free advice

[Radio Maisha Drive Show Host Billy Miya (left with Mulamwah. Photo/Courtesy/April, 04, 2022].

A renowned radio personality Billy Miya has come to salvage the noisy and messy bitter-sweet love affair facing top Comedian Mulamwah.

David Oyando, famously known as Mulamwah was recently entangled into a messy break-up with his girlfriend Carol Sonnie in what was highly termed as infidelity.

However, Mulamwah a talented comedian seems not to be done yet and the messy continues.

He posted on his social media accounts that their lovely daughter Keilah, he sired with Sonnie is actually not his.

“Sonnie was having an affair with another guy the same time she was dating me,” said Mulamwah.

He went on, “Keilah is NOT my kid,” a post that caught the attention of the deep voiced, talented radio Maisha drive show host Billy Miya.

Billy posted on his social media handles as well,

‘My Brother and Friend Mulamwah I have called you but you have not picked my calls kindly delete that post and refrain from putting your daughter on the socials, vita vyako na mke wako should not affect your baby.

The society will not be on your side and will never understand you.

I pray for you to find peace of mind and of the heart to get through this strongly.

May God guide you in the best of decisions possible’


But Mulamwah is seemingly not done yet unravelling what led to the end of his relationship with ex-lover Carol Sonnie.

The father of one now claims Sonnie sired a child with another man while they were still together but she lost the baby after a successful abortion.

He says back in April 2020, when he announced that Sonnie suffered a miscarriage with their three-month-old unborn baby over online trolls, the baby was not his and that Sonnie terminated the pregnancy.

This follows an outburst where he accused Sonnie of trying to abort their daughter.

Later, Mulamwah deleted it and Sonnie denied she attempted abortion.