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Radio presenter in anti-covid-19 campaign

[Radio Kaya Presenter Robert Matano aka Robby Dallaz. Photo/courtesy].

Radio Kaya presenter Robert Matano has launched an initiative to help curtail the spread of Coronavirus in Kwale County.

Matano famously known Robby Dallaz on air is mostly targeting Bodaboda riders, within the county.

Robby Dallaz together with Caroline Mkamburi hosts Radio Kaya’s mid-morning show Kaya flavas.

He said the initiative aims at protecting Bodaboda riders from contracting the deadly virus.

“We all understand how critical this mode of transport is to the society, they mingle with almost everyone within the communities,” said Dallaz.

He revealed that he has been distributing face masks to Bodaboda operators within the county an initiative that needs support from other stakeholders to ensure he reaches many Kwale county residents.

“Am currently receiving support and backup from Radio Kaya management, however I look forward for more support from other stakeholders including Kwale county government to expand this noble course,” he added.

[Radio Kaya presenter Robby Dallaz distributing face masks to Bodaboda riders. Photo/courtesy].

The top radio presenter who revolves around youthful generation entertainment says anti-covid-19 campaign should involve everyone in the society.

“Remember we are all vulnerable to this disease, so we should all take the responsibility of fighting it,” he noted.

Dallaz has also engaged his vast audience through Kaya flavas entertainment show to embrace physical distancing, wash their hands regularly and always wear face masks especially while in public places.

He has stressed out on importance of locals getting tested for Covid-19 so that they know their status.

The government will role out a mandatory Coronavirus examination to all Kenyans.