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Radio queen sends her future husband serious message

[Msenangu FM mid-morning show Takeover presenter Mgeni Shaban aka Sister Shanniez. Photo/courtesy].

Renowned Radio Queen Mgeni Shaban famously known as Sister Shanniez has reminded her future husband to hurry up and ensure they tie the knot.

Shanniez, a huge contributor of the Coast music industry says though she is not in a hurry but the life situation calls for a bold step since her husband and the queen may find it difficult to afford their yet to be born children, education.

The bold Radio presenter who currently hosts the Take Over a youthful mid-morning entertainment show at Msenangu FM, a Coast based Mijikenda radio station wholly owned by the Mediamax Limited says the current situation where most Kenyans cannot afford basic needs following the high cost of living may result to many failing to take their kids to school.

She posted on her social media handle;

“Dear future baby daddy…. Kaa ukijua unachelewesha watoto kusoma, hata sio mm… Fees inapanda na stakusaidia”

But what looked like a simply true joke, her fans did not take it lightly evidently expressing that they too are to feeling the economic heat.

It was a well calculated serious joke that took her fans by storm with some openly expressing their love for her while some openly in admittance that the country is heading the wrong way and that there is need to restructure the economy.

Sister Shanniez has become the queen of airwaves for over a decade, expanding her fan base both on radio and social media.

She has a rich history of uplifting the upcoming talents in the Coast region and some of the local musicians will agree that indeed the Radio personality has played a big role in putting their music career in the lime light.

Now with all these, future Baby daddy if you know yourself, please hurry up and make it a score or you will regret it for failing to raise school fees.