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Radio queen whose life revolves around youth, music

[Mgeni Shaban a.k.a Sister Shanniez. Photo/courtesy].

Her real name is Mgeni Shaban. However, many of her vast fans across the region refer to her as ‘Sister Shanniez’.

The top female radio presenter is also known as ‘Anti-virus’ while on air.

While at Radio Kaya, Sister Shanniez set the ball rolling as an intern. Her main duties were gathering news stories and filing them to her editors by them Juma Moyo and Mariam Mwazighe, both have since left the station.


She grew up to host almost all the station’s programs among them Rhumba, bango and later landed at the mid-morning entertainment show Kaya flavas.

Kaya flavas, a youthful generation entertainment show sharpened her radio broadcast career becoming a house hold name in the Coastal entertainment industry.

She has nurtured upcoming artists in the region and to date she is actually happy about her efforts.

The young radio queen is critical on air with an aim of giving her fans a complete entertainment dose.

Broadcasting tactics

Shanniez has employed her presentation skills and tactics putting across positive criticism to young and established artists in a bid to encourage them and push them to produce quality, entertaining and also educative music that cuts across all walks of life. Her unique tactic has positively impacted the entertainment industry across the region.

“I always take criticism positively, in fact it has become my growth tool in my journalism career,” she reveals.

She is a graduate, a Technical University of Mombasa- TUM alumnus.

After 8 years at Radio kaya, Shanniez called it a day and moved to Mediamax Network Limited owned Msenangu FM.

[Mgeni Shaban a.ka. Sister Shanniez at Msenangu FM studios. Photo/courtesy].

At Msenangu, the radio personality with the same momentum and synergy launched Takeover, a mid-morning entertainment show.

She has maintained her entertainment and educative links to her vast audience across the region and beyond.


“Personal growth is inevitable, and human being is never stagnant that’s normal to everyone,” she said after quitting Radio kaya in 2019.

However, the top radio presenter admitted that Radio kaya, an independent Mijikenda station is where she developed and sharpened her radio presentation skills to become a young respected top radio presenter.

She has been conducting her shows by engaging the youth directly on air and by visiting them at their locality just to know what they do and how they spend their time.

Anti- virus has always propagated for unity and dedication among Coast based artists and producers.

“By being united as presenters, artists and producers, we will simply take the Coast entertainment sector to another level,” she charged.

At Msenangu FM, a Mijikenda regional station, Sister Shanniez is an experienced radio presenter, a producer and the station’s social media Coordinator.