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Renowned artist Ally B wants government to curtail drug trafficking

[Renowned artist Ally B. Photo/ The Correspondent]

Renowned artist Ali Khamis Mwakaribu famously known as Ally B has said that most youth involved in criminal activities are using drugs.

The renowned musician said that most youth are recruited into the illegal gangs following their drug addiction.

He said that youth under the influence of drugs can easily be lured into illegal outfit, criminal gangs and into other evil deeds.

He called on security agents to pursue those indulging in the illegal trade so that youth can be safe and fully concentrate on development issues.

He said that the current pathetic insecurity situation in Kisauni, Likoni and other parts of the Island is as a result of increased number of youth doing drugs.

“I urge the government to nab drug trafficking in the region so that this factor does not trigger insecurity,” he added.

Ally B famously known for his song Maria said that it is evident the issue has been left to nongovernmental organisation who are dealing with helping youth out of drug menace.

“The battle will be tough if we will only focus on treating the addicted youth and distance ourselves from drug lords,” noted the youth leader and a renowned entertainer.

He appealed to the anti narcotic unit to zeroin to the affected areas and pursue those involved in the illegal trade so as to save the youth from languishing into drug addiction.

He has also challenged the public anti-drug body NACADA to work with civil organisations working towards disentangling youth from addiction so that the fight can yield fruits.