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Renowned Lamu comedian ‘Jazino’ laid to rest

[Talented Lamu comedian 'Jazino'. Photo/courtesy].

Sombre mood engulfed Lamu County as locals laid to rest a renowned comedian Mohamed Mohamed.

Mohamed famously known as ‘Lamu confused’ was a darling to not only Lamu resident but also Mombasa dwellers.

Mohamed a fearless critic of the Lamu county government used comedy to put the county government to work.

The comedian apart from cracking the ribs of his vast fans across the Coast region and on various social platforms, he actively played the role of activism and gnashed Lamu governor Fahim Twaha for laxity.

Jazino as he was also referred to expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the health sector was being managed.

He openly used his comedy to criticise the Lamu health top officers.

Locals who attended his burial termed Mohamed as a humble man who used comedy for positive criticism and who only wanted to see development and nothing else.

He scoffed at Lamu County government for laxity and always challenged it to improve on its service delivery to locals.

[Lamu residents and fans carrying the remains of renowned Lamu comedian ‘Jazino’. Photo/courtesy].

“Jazino will truly be missed by Lamu people for his fun gestures and constructive criticism that depicted truly social activism,” said Haki Africa Lamu County Coordinator Yunus Isaack Ahmed.

According to Ahmed, Jazino was a comedian cum rights defender who feared none.

“We will ensure his legacy lives on by putting Lamu county government to work,” noted Mr. Ahmed.

He said Lamu need such fearless critics to enhance development agenda and proper service delivery to Lamu people.