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Shirko, Akeelah part ways

[Akeelah with renowned music producer Shirko. Photo/courtesy].

In what seem to have pained many of her fans upcoming top young female artist Akeelah has left Shirko Media.

Akeelah has emerged to be loved by fans, situation that has made her grow musically.

Most of her fans have criticised her for dumping Shirko Media despite the fact that blessed hands of the experienced producer moulded her.

Akeelah who has made collaboration with another renowned Shirko’s ‘baby’ Ally Mahaba has taken the Coast entertainment industry with many predicting her bright future.

“That’s the soft fall of Akeelah, Shirko Media has been your home and you might one day regret it,” posted a fan after the bitter announcement from Shirko media.

However, the humble Shirko known for nurturing young talented artist wished Akeelah well in her future endeavours.

“We have been working towards solving this issue amicably and today Akeelah is no longer part of Shirko Media,” he posted.

Shirko said Akeelah music will now be managed by her own family.

There is no fight, no grudge, no misunderstanding, her family has decided to take over her music and we fully accept that,” he said.

Akeelah is featured in a Song Ujitume by Ally Mahaba.