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Shirko hits Coast with a bang!

[Renowned Singer, Composer and Producer Shirko at Shirko Media studios in Mombasa. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Renowned music producer Shirko has urged Kenyan artists to receive the new gift he has brought them in Mombasa.

Shirko early this week launched ‘Shirko media’ a magnificent recording and production studio at Ganjoni area in Mombasa.

The studio with fully equipped modern production room, a recording studio and a spacious reception is one of the well constructed and artist have been urged to embrace the new dawn so that together they take music to the next level.

The renowned Tanzania best composer, singer and producer said that he has returned home so that he can work towards nurturing young talents so that they become big and ready to command the East Africa music industry.

Shirko who met Jambo entertainment team on Thursday revealed that the studio was a gift to Coast and Kenyan artists who want to take their music to the next level and value music as self employment entity.

“I want to see Kenyan music at par with Bongo Flava, I have made stars in Tanzania and Zanzibar why not do the same back at home?” posed Shirko during the interview.

The famous ‘Nataka kuwa nawe’ hit maker who worked with Tanzania 2 Berries, ‘Berry black’ and ‘Berry white’ acknowledged the efforts done by Coast artists but said that most of them would quickly relent in the music industry.

“It is not that easy for one to breakthrough if they have not set any goals in life, do not compare yourself with a hit maker while you are making your first step in the game, start smart and keep the pace,” he said in his best captivating Tanzania state of the art Swahili language.

Shirko says that he wants to uplift and change the Coast and Kenyan taste of music.

“Do not forget that I am the pioneer of Yamoto band in Tanzania where I completely changed the flavour and the world embraced Yamoto band uplifting the young talents to the top in the entertainment industry, I want to do the same back at home,” he noted

Shirko who many confuses him to be a Tanzanian disclosed that he is a Kenyan born in Mombasa and only went to Tanzania to venture into music and that he was now back home to take the music industry a notch higher.

Shirko an experienced composer, singer and producer is scheduled to strategise on how he can well work with artists across the country and particularly at the Coast.