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Shirko’s journey to salvage the East Africa music industry

[Renowned music producer Shirko in his Mombasa studio. Photo/courtesy].

Awadh Salim famously known as Shirko is one of the best producers and distinguished personality across East Africa.

Shirko, 34 was one amongst a few young Producer/Artist who also proved to be the best in making hit songs together with Two Berrys Na wewe tu that became a hit.

‘Na wewe tu’ made the ladder for Shirko who became a public figure in times when social media was not utilised and artists highly depended upon radio airplay or location shows.

Shirko produced solo album for Berry Black that became the top selling album in East Africa in 2007 at a very popular recording studio in Zanzibar operating under the name Teddy Records.

Shirko won various awards as a producer and as a trio in SAV CLAN group, which topped the Coast entertainment scene between 2009-2010.

He also worked at Big sound, Beach side and Stantmastaz records in Mombasa before joining SQ records in Nairobi and later moved to Dar es Salaam where he joined Studio8 under the management of one of the best video directors in East Africa, Adam Juma (NXL).

[Top music producer Shirko TBT Photo].

Shirko has worked all over the world in European countries and Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

In December 2011, Shirko moved back to work with Mkubwa na Wanawe Youth Organization and closed Vibe records Kenya in which he founded and operated for 4 years.

Shirko is the brain behind Yamoto Band where young artists Aslay, Beka Mbosso and Enock too Tanzania and East Africa entertainment scene by storm.

Though Yamoto Band broke up, East Africa entertainment scene enjoyed the talented brains between 2012 -2015 with hit songs among them Niseme nisiseme, Nitajuta, Ntakupwelepweta, Yamoto among other hot tracks.

Yamoto Band shined in various nominations among them Kilimanjaro and East African American Awards in the US through talented producer, Shirko.

[From left; Mombasa based top artist Amoury Beyby, Tanzanian top musician Mbosso with Producer Shirko. Photo/courtesy].

Shirko returned to Mombasa in 2016 where he recorded sound tracks for the film market and Qasidas too.

In the same year Shirko produced for Diamond Platnumz featuring P square Kidogo alongside his fellow producers Vitek from Nigeria and Lizer Classic from Tanzania.

Shirko is now well settled in Mombasa and owns ShirkoMedia entertainment.

Inside the state of the art Studio holds a spacious lounge and recording area to provide a platform of revamping and rejuvenating the Local Music industry in Kenya.

Shirkomedia Media has been the home of Top Mombasa and Nairobi artist being Ally Mahaba, Tanasha Dona, Sai Kenya among many others.