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So what’s cooking in Harmonize and Davido’s pot?

[Harmonize (left) with Davido. Photo/Courtesy].

Several photos of Tanzania Super Star Harmonize and Nigeria top artist Davido have signaled a hot collabo in the kitchen.

he photos have taken fans of both artists to a high expectation all questioning what might be cooking in the two superstar’s pot.

Davido Adedeji Adekele famously known as Davido is a Nigerian top artist who boasts vast fans across Africa and the US where he was born.

Harmonize has in the recent past given Tanzania top artist Diamond sleepless nights after he left WCB.

In his recent collabo with Congolese musician Awillo Longomba on ‘Attitude’ Harmonize has attracted relatively 1 million views daily since the appload of the song on YouTube a week ago.

[Harmonize (close left) with David and other crew members in Nigeria. Photo/Courtesy]

The artist who recently said he is not in competition with diamond and he only serves his fans has received a warm welcome from his vast fans across the globe.

You just have to stay calm and wait for the ‘food’ from the two ‘Chefs’.