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So what’s new will Joe Ageyo take to NMG?

[Former Citizen TV Editorial Director Joe Ageyo. Photo/Courtesy].

Hours after an official announcement that Royal Media Services Editorial Director Joe Ageyo was leaving the station, reports emerge that Mr Ageyo is heading back to his former home the Nation Media group.

Ageyo has been working at the Royal Media Services owned Citizen TV for the last 4 years taking the editorial content to another level that in return increased the station’s reach to hit 85% in a recent poll by the Communication Authority of Kenya CA.

However, Ageyo is exiting the station at the helm of August, 9 General election coverage preparedness and the station will miss his authoritative and engaging editorial content.

At Citizen TV, Ageyo restructured the Prime News bulletins and expanded the content in both Swahili and English News bulletins.

His position as the Editorial Director has been officially handed to Mr Linus kaikai.

The humble Kaikai was the Director of Strategy and Innovation a position he will still hold concurrently with that of being the editorial director.

Kaikai and Ageyo are the kids behind the News Gang, a serious high content, current affairs program that airs every Thursday from 10 pm.

In the News Gang show, some of the news heavy weights Yvonne Okwara, Francis Gachuri and Jamila Mohammed take the country by storm.

Mr Agenyo started it all at the Standard Group where he anchored the Prime news bulleting KTN Prime before jumping off the wagon to NTV.

He later left NTV and returned to KTN Home where together with other brains they launched KTN News, a second 24 hour news channel in the country after the first one K24 that failed to sustain the 24 hour news coverage back in 2007.

However, according to some players in the profession, same old faces should not be shifted from one media establishment to the other, innovation and human resource invest remains the key issue that has left Kenyan media grappling with same content laced with a death in creativity.