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Spiced Monday!

[Magogoni/Mjambere Ward Administrator and human rights defender Ahmed Al-Amin- famously known as Papaa. Photo/courtesy].

After being affected by the Covid-19 situation ‘Spiced Monday’ is now back, ready to make your Monday fully spiced! [All photos/courtesy].

[Don’t you think we need the wheelbarrows soonest? Kindly Deputy President William Ruto do the necessary and ensure the ‘Useful equipment’ reach us so that we stop modifying].


[Whatever this Radio Kaya sports Presenter Rasi Mangale famously known as Mwanakwetu was staring at remains his secret! We can spot the third person Msenangu FM Presenter Salim Barissa. Hopefully it was a sporting activity somewhere in rural areas of Kwale County].


[When duty calls, you have no option but to do the necessary! This was during the remembrance of victims of Human rights violations during the Covid-19 pandemic. It happened at the Likoni ferry crossing channel where people were beaten by security forces in March last year. So can you spot Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed? Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Shipetta? Harriet Muganda and the rest?] 


[ You might call them ugly shoes but do you know how much they cost? Anyway, it’s none of our concerns. what matters is Ms. Zuhura Othman Soud aka Zuchu is showing us the latest swag!]


[Before you approach the Magogoni/Mjambere Ward Administrator in Kisauni Ahmed Al-Amin aka Papaa, who is also a human rights activist and talk to him about BBI and the Constitution, remember the Man is full of knowledge, so please keep off!].