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Spiced Monday!

[A photo of two love birds. The Man went beyond to express his love to his wife by making a tattoo of his love on his cheek. Photo/courtesy]

The stylish way to get you started this week. You will love it!

[A hit or a miss? True love still exists! leave alone those booing this man. He is the only man who feels the warmth during these cold days to an extent of getting a tattoo of his wife’s face. Congratulations Brother for proving us wrong!].


[Just protect yourself from Coronavirus disease. You just need to pick any face mask or something equivalent to that. Do not mind whether at times it resembles an underwear. Just protect yourself dude especially during this third wave times of Coronavirus.] 

[Up country Ladies versus Coast Ladies. Are you still waiting for an answer on who and where to marry? My Brother seeing is believing, make informed decision this year!].


[Can you use this jug in your kitchen when preparing food? It’s not that expensive just give it a try!].

[Funny right? During the World Women’s Day, celebrated every 8th day of March each year women fought each other at Jomvu station grounds further expressing the hatred among themselves. Though they cannot carry their own women, they preferred ‘carrying’ men and this time it was Jomvu MP Badi Twalib chance to enjoy it!]. 

[When a Boda boda rider modifies his motorcycle to accommodate a considerate number of passengers, be assured that we are going to visit ODM leader Raila Odinga soon. However he forgot to expand his motorbike to fit our gift of goats].