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Spiced Monday!

[From today hence forth, this is my new Hairstyle! However if it applies in the 'Bottom Up' or trickle down system then I need to be extra careful with my barber. Photo/Courtesy].

Spiced Monday! Your only cool and calculated way to kick start your week!

[Cucumbers are very important to our health and guess what? If a lady gets a bent one then it makes her even healthier. Some people have been using this vegetable for special purposes of losing weight while some ladies think it is a way of increasing their weight! How now? lets continue interrogating! Photo/Credits].

[We do not pray for a tragic accident, neither do we love accidents, No! but some accidents are extremely useless. Who will rush to such an accident to pick tissue papers? Though they are important in our daily hygiene programmes, at least a trailer transporting beer or soda and mostly maize flour can make us Kenyans happy provided no injuries or lost souls. Photo/Courtesy].

[Kenyans who pretend to be ignorant about the Russia-Ukraine fight, please see our neighbouring country Uganda where their soldiers are spending day and night in preparations to help Ukraine battle Russia! Kindly Kenyans have some sympathy and at least take some water to them. Imagine they are yet to depart to Ukraine, and they got only one bottle of water left! Photo/Courtesy].

[Is she a He? or is He a She? Actually he is Kelvin Kinuthia, the famous Cross-dresser and Tik Toker who is making money out of your useless curiosity and endless questions. Recently Kinuthia revealed that many men are seducing him thinking that is a She with all the hips. When he confirms that he is a full man, they badly lament that he does not qualify to be the Men’s conference Chairman! Photo/Courtesy/Kelvin Kinuthia].

[Men! This happens when you want to get condoms but on credit! Do not break people’s shop! In these years and in the 21st Century just say nikopeshe condom nitakulipa nkimaliza biashara! Who cares, provided people play safe sex! Photo/Courtesy].

[With such direct political message, I know in whose hands I am safe. My vote goes to Honourable Henry Kipkesio Koech and My President is Wajackoya you know him the Roots Party Leaders? I am entitled to my decision right? Photo/Courtesy].

[Men! According to doctors from T.H Chan School of Public Health-Harvard-US, Loose-fitting underwear significantly contributes to higher sperm concentration and counts compared to tight boxers! So if you want maximum results sleep naked! Whatever will happen to you its none of my business…Have a fruitful week, won’t you?].