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Spiced Monday! Have you missed it?

[When a monkey too is annoyed by what is happening to this country, he only needs to take shots of the nonsense and document them for the purpose of future reference maybe! Since in Kenya it's 'Monkey Business'. Photo/Courtesy].

The one and only way to kick-start your week is back! Spiced Monday has been off for a while, but due to queries and more queries, we are right back just for you.

When you are troubled especially during the weekend when you buy a 400 grams loaf of bread at 60 shillings, then that means more trouble. Things worsen on Monday morning when you are told fuel prices have increased by a whopping 5 shillings per litre. You are now question your own government you voted for. You need to think deeper!

Anyway, lets forget such hullaballoos and spice up our week!

[On a serious assignment like this, the one and only Coast top Radio Presenter Robby Dallaz (Robert Matano) needs to take off his shoes before taking that shot. Which angle though, remains a puzzle. The Radio Kaya, Mid-Morning show Kaya Flavaz Presenter has a new competitor besides and if he jokes, his job will be taken. Photo/Courtesy/Robby Dallaz].

[Believe it or not the raw material used to make these clothes and the handbag is facemasks. Now that the facemask business is nose-diving especially after the government eased Covid-19 containment measures restrictions, I pity those depending on facemasks business. however, there is an idea here especially when you start with making underwear, people want to experience the difference right? Photo/Courtesy].

[Stay focused, eyes on the…Now the working out style may not just work out for the trainer and to some extent things may work out in different style. This trainer is extremely hungry and his veins and nerves might just get angry. Can you allow your wife or Girlfriend attend such sessions that even Priests’ things can fall apart? Photo/Courtesy].

[Miss Independent, Rihanna might just be from the Mombasa Kongowea market to get herself a black second-hand underwear, but it is beautiful isn’t it? Anyway we urge the US rapper Mr Rakim Atheleston Mayors famously known as ASAP Rocky who worked out wonders one day and made things happen to improve on his wife’s attire. We fans needs to see everything or nothing at all. Photo/Courtesy].

[Kenya is a unique country where we walk, eat and sleep politics. This year, 2022 things are hotter since we have carried along our livestock too to back us up as we back up people who never and will never back us up. You are free to prove me wrong furthermore you have the right of reply here at www.jambonewsnetwork.com. Photo/Courtesy].

Can you allow you spouse to give you a close shave? Anyway how you interpret the question is none of my business. Wishing you a fruitful week, won’t you?