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Spiced Monday! Kudos Radio Maisha Presenter Billy Miya!

[Radio Maisha Radio Presenter Billy Miya is a cool Man. He gets to the kitchen and ensure his wife and kids are fed and fed properly. Lucky to that woman who snatched Billy from opportunists. Photo/Courtesy/April, 04, 2022].

How is the going on with the Easter celebrations? I use to get more than 10 invites in the past years, however, the economic situation has really changed things, this years’ Easter, I got completely none, not even my close friends could send a text message just to say hi! Anyway that’s life right?

Anyway, Let’s kick start our week in style not forgetting that on Tuesday its a working day. Sorry if you are still suffering from ‘Monday blues’ at least you enjoyed all the aspects of celebrations, so that is your problem.


[Now who is behind this? My worry is not the back part of this attire but the front part. Is it enough to accommodate what should be accommodated in that small space. Should we call them panties or manties? If any man tries this at home kindly share the experience we would love to hear from your our audiences].

[Why now? I always say there is no short cut in life, just be serious and embrace studies as one thing that you will need in future. You may not see the importance of education now but one thing is evident that those working are searching for papers and those having the papers are searching for jobs. Anyway change your mind set furthermore getting higher education nowadays should enable you create opportunities and not searching for employment].

[When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! The Kenya’s economy cannot be expressed in many words than just this photo. It seems today we will not have Iftar. But I would advise the chef to get some firewood].

[Some other scenarios can scare us for the entire life. can these people be advised that search drama should be left to the Altar boys in church and not such old hairy people allover their bodies? This has completely ruined my Easter celebrations]. 

[Former Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura is doing the most honourable thing of removing his posters after losing the Ruiru Constituency Parliamentary UDA nominations. Isn’t it a cool thing?].