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Tanzania artists resort into vulgar language.


The once mostly respected entertainment sector in Tanzania is being dented with sexist language that has rocked the top entertainment industry.

However, their composition seems to suit target audience who express their uncompromised love for the new compositions.

One of the production is ‘Kwangwaru’, a track that Rajab Abdul Kahali (Harmonize) featured Diamond Platnumz in an openly sexist language that depicted the current entertainment position that their audience love.

In ‘Kwangwaru’ some lines embedded include ‘Weka mate niteleze kama nyokapangoni’, which loosely translates to ‘using lubricant to smoothen sexual intercourse’.

In the same track, Diamond hits hard when he sings ‘Nipatie vya kitandani mpakakwenye kiti’ which is equivalent to ‘We can comfortable have sex on a chair’.

Later Wasafi Classic Baby –WCB dropped ‘Jibebe’, which also featured Naseeb Abdul (Diamond Platnumz), Mr. Lavalava and Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi (Mbosso).

The lyrics of the song ‘Jibebe’ describes women with big buttocks and who entice men such as the trio.

It describes various sex positions. Some lines dropped by diamond cludes ‘Fanyawainama kisha rotate’, this simply describes ‘bend over styles during an intercourse’. On his part Mr. Lavalava drops ‘Kitandani mwendo wakwachukwachu’ this if analyzed means Mr. Lavalava is calm and composed while in bed with a woman. Then Mbosso on his part drops ‘Papasa kichwa mjusikafirinisafishe mtaro’ which also translates into sex act.

Such lyrics have become a darling for many not only in Tanzania but in Kenya and specifically the Coast region where Bongo flavor rocks and gets extreme airplay in all entertainment radio stations with specific programs set for such songs.

‘Jibebe’ you tube views currently stands at 8.7 million.

Recently Mbosso dropped ‘Hodari’, a song that he praises his queen for giving him maximum love.

The Tanzania songbird has been extreme vulgar since he joined WCB label this year.

Under ‘Hodari’ the most attractive vulgar song is ‘Ikigusana yako na yangu’ which simply describes having sex.

But the recent ‘Mwanza’ song that featured Diamond Platinumz and Raymond Shaban Makyusa famously known as Rayvanny forced Baraza la Sanaa Taifa- (BASATA) a Tanzania arts and music regulatory body to swing into action and ban the song following extreme vulgar language that however has become a major hit.