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The rise and fall of TV Personality Debarl Inea

[Multi-talented TV Personality Debarl Inea. Photo/Courtesy].

Media personality Debarl Inea has finally landed at the Standard Media Group LTD.

Inea joins his close friend Ken Mijungu who after being axed by NTV landed at the Standard Group owned 24 hour News channel, KTN News.

The multi-talented journalist is joining the KTN News channel as a news anchor and programmes editor.

The calm, calculated and composed TV programmes host and News anchor is already at the Standard Group Center for induction before he hits the airwaves again.

Inea joins KTN News, nine months after he secured a job at MediaMax owned K24 TV where he replaced Anne Kiguta on the Punchline show, who left the station after a silent battle with its management over the ‘right of admission’ of her Punchline show guests.

Initially, The Standard Group Management was considering Inea as a news editor but the journalist declined the post and clearly stated that he wanted to go on air.

Inea is a multi-talented show host, news anchor and composed interviewer.

He has interviewed politicians, newsmakers among others.

In July 2020, Inea and Mijungu were among other NTV journalists who were shown the door following the aspect of convergence at the Nation Media Group.

NMG had earlier stated in a circular to its employees that it would be sending home some staff due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and restructuring.

Debarl Inea, the AM live show host was among the employees who were laid off.

[Former NTV AM Live host Debarl Inea at NTV live studios. Photo/Courtesy].

“it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. Thank you NMG for the opportunity. Work continues apace.” He tweeted.

Apart from being a journalist, Debarl is a musician.

He was featured in the famous Tusker Project Fame-3 but was evicted after being put on probation.

No one expected him to be evicted since he was among the best singers in the competition. This left fans angered and debating over the credibility of the competition.