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Top Coast artist Nyota Ndogo scoffs at fellow women


For the last one week some women have strongly criticised a well known Coast based Nyota Ndogo for her stand on reckless women who easily engage themselves is sexual behaviors without necessarily considering the aftermath of their irresponsible sexual behaviors.

Mwanaisha Abdallah famously known as Nyota Ndogo expressed her pain following a recent incident where a new born baby was dumped in pit latrine in Malindi, Kilifi County.

Nyota Ndogo was disturbed by the turn of events bitterly criticising women for failing in their responsibilities and also failing in respecting themselves.

Nyota Ndogo stated it in black and white that women should either use protection or abstain.

“I did not insult my fellow women, I was only giving them my piece of mind we should respect ourselves as women,” said Nyota Ndogo.

The top Coast musician well known for her songs, Nibebe where she featured Nini, Watu na Viatu, Mpenzi among other entertaining songs, said she is never remorseful over her tough sentiments.

‘I am a mother and a wife, however if you openly know that bringing up children at this juncture is relatively impossible try and evade temptations,” she said.

The artist who boasts rich music talent for over two decades now is at the moment playing the gender activism role urging Coastal women to respect themselves and support each other.

At Voi in Taita Taveta County where she relocated, Nyota is an investor where she owns rental houses and she recently launched her Swahili delicacies restaurant ‘Nyota Ndogo Jikoni’.

She is also a social and a humanitarian worker who has been doing various charity work among them helping charity and orphanage organisations.

She has been involved in education the girl child on how to safeguard herself from social evils.

Nyota Ndogo has been renamed a woman of substance, who will dedicate herself to well being of children and mostly the girl child.

“Let’s admit that as parents we have failed giving our children extreme freedom that has led to pregnancies among school going children,” she noted.