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TT Comedian, a darling to Kenyans

[TT Comedian. Photo/Courtesy].

The unique sense of humour of the 5-year old TT the comedian has seen his YouTube channel growing surpassing a 14 million mark in just five months.

TT Comedian can only be matched with very few adult comedians in Africa, doing tremendously well in the entertainment and comedy industry.

One of the video branded “TT comedian meets slay queens” the young boy collected over two million views.

In the video, TT Comedian is seen interacting with Nairobi women and advising them.

Terrence Mwamadi, his real name has been monitoring closely what his mother who is also an actress does, learning more insights from her and perfecting his comedy every day.

The videos that are shot during weekends since he goes to school during weekdays touch on real life situation in either school, conversing with parents among a variety of settings.