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Weekend Gigs!

[Journalism is not an easy job neither is it an easy career, pursue it at your own risk. At times you just work and work and work. Anyway KTN's Senior Political Reporter Murimi Mwangi was with his Camera Journalists during the late President Mwai Kibaki's funeral. I must congratulate Mr Mwangi for his decisive, in-depth analysis of his political reports. He is my role model. Photo/Courtesy/May, 28, 2022].

At times life is extremely and mostly in Kenya where the basic commodities are not affordable, but we love politicking round the clock. Anyway, our Weekend Gigs Editor took a short break so that he goes to Dar-es-Salaam and relax since the high cost of living in the country was almost taking his breath away. He one day almost collapsed in the newsroom but we had to offer our self-acquired First Aid skills, thank God he is okay and back to work. Weekend Gigs is here to stay even after the August 9 General elections. Photos/Courtesy.

[Please don’t try this at home or else you will find yourself suffering from memory loss for a while, don’t say I did not advise you! Tanzania’s top model and actress Kajala Masanja is only being realistic, checking if the tool box is okay before doing the repair works, she needs everything in perfection and she knows without checking the tool box properly well, things may fall apart just in the middle of the assignment. How you will interpret this message from the renowned Tanzania’s Songbird Rajab Abdul Kahali also known as Konde Boy famously referred to as Harmonize is completely none of my concern].

[When it is that political season then our politicians are capable of doing anything so that they woo votes from Kenyans. This is not a bad idea, but can you continue with the same spirit whether you win or lose elections? Kenya Kwanza Running mate Rigathi Gachagua was almost killing my grandmother, was it a hug, a kiss or giving back to the society. Anyway I did not take anything from the society so I have nothing to give back].

[Wow! For the love of her culture! The Beautiful glowing Radio Queen Mgeni Shaban, famously known as Sister Shanniez or Anti-Virus on air is such a beautiful radio presenter in the Kisutu attire with a head gear. She is the Coast top female Radio presenter who hosts the TakeOver Mid-morning youthful entertainment Show at the Coast based top Mijikenda Radio Station Msenangu FM].

[Some people are just crazy about politics. In Kenya we live, eat and sleep politics and nothing else. Some people wants to hear nothing else apart from the Deputy President Dr William Ruto who is also the Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate. The situation in this photograph may suggest that one may be wet somewhere but this is because of the hot weather in the Coast region of Kenya and nothing else, kindly do not overthink, I can see your brains are too fast than your body, but that is your problem].

[Now this one is on her on level. In such a workout inside your bedroom, you will truly never walk alone in the rest of your life. Some people were just blessed with some long beautiful tongue and an extreme flexibility body that can make you empty all your contents from where it is stored. pray you get such caring person who never hides from you what you may want at that particular time. Congratulations Madam for your innovation that other ladies are missing].