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WEEKEND GIGS! Anti-drug lobby RCT holds ‘Get together’ party in Mombasa

[From Left; Reachout Centre Trust Programs Manager Ms Faizah Hamid, Executive Director Mr Taib Abdulrahman and Field Officer Khalfan Tsumo holding a cake for the event. Photo/Tom Fondo].
It was a unique, memorable team building and get together for Reachout Centre Trust staff who have tirelessly accelerated the Organizations’ mandate of reaching people who use and inject drugs with Drug Treatment, Counseling, Mental health awareness, Reintegration and livelihood programs among many other interventions.
It was also an encouraging and emotional moment where members took the Organizations’ management through their journeys at Reachout Centre Trust and how the Organization has contributed to their personal growth, considering that some have served the anti-drug Organization for the last two decades, growing from volunteers, to staff, to senior staff and to managing a whole department of the Organization.
Here is how the event went down in Mombasa on Friday.

[When beautiful ladies come together, good things happen. Reachout Centre Trust Programs Manager Faizah Hamid (In ) with some of Organisations’ Voi offices staff. Photo/Tom Fondo].

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Officer Taib Abdulrahman (Close right) during the Organisations’ Get together in Mombasa on Friday evening. Photo/Tom Fondo].

[But why are they so anxious? What are they waiting for? Anyway with the set-up, the waiter seem to be very late. From Left: Reachout Centre Trust staff Mr Juma Nassor, Ibrahim Aflah and Mwinyi Abbas. Photo/Tom Fondo]. 

[Are you okay? Reachout Center Trust Executive Director Mr Taib Abdulrahman checking on his staff during the get together meeting in Mombasa on Friday. Photo/Tom Fondo].

[So who is smart and who is cool here? Reachout Centre Trust Programs Manager Ms Faizah Hamid (Left) with RCT Lamu County Outreach Officer Rayan Abdulswabour during the Get together meeting. Photo/Tom Fondo].

[Under whatever circumstances, eat first! Reachout Centre Trust staff making things happen. Photo/Tom Fondo].

[At least some gifts for everyone. Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman gifts his staff for job well done! Photo/Taib Abdulrahman].

[God bless you Madam Moureen Atieno, Reachout Centre Trust Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (centre). So the ladies had a different business altogether during the Get together meeting? Photo/Tom Fondo].