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WEEKEND GIGS! Grand P proposes on live National TV

[The billionaire who wants to make sense out of heavy luggage. Back at our rural home we refer to it as self esteem and extra confidence. Do not say I did not warn you that one day hell could broke lose! Photo/Courtesy].

Guinean singer and businessman Moussa Sandiana Kaba famously known as Grand P this week opted to take his relationship with his girlfriend Eudoxie Yao to the next level by proposing to her.

To show the world how special Eudoxie is to him, Grand P went down on his knee for the Ivorian actress on live TV.

In a video clip shared on social media, Grand P can be heard asking the Ivorian model to marry him while he promises her never to cheat on her.

“You are my life, I have changed, whatever happened, it is the past, I won’t repeat, it won’t happen anymore,” he said before Eudoxie interrupted saying: “Am I really your life? I need time to think because you’re not loyal, I know you will repeat it.”

The billionaire replied: “No no I swear I won’t.”

Elated with her lover’s big move, Eudoxie took to social media to praise him for how romantic he is.

“My ex baby’s marriage proposal was hot, I have a very big decision to make…Can I still trust big P?” she posed.

A hit or a miss?

[How it went down! Our brother is almost digging his own grave! Photo/Courtesy].

[Shut-up and feel the warmth! Eudoxie tells her Baby or Husband Grand P. Photo/Courtesy].

[Lovely couple to be! Indeed this is a lovely couple especially when the denominator is somehow extra-large compared to the nominator or rather enumerator, whatever you will says it none of my business. Photo/Courtesy].

[The unbreakable love! however, please don’t try this at home! Last year, 2021 Grand-P broke his hip bone after an incident only known to himself! He is well now and back to the battle-field! Photo/Courtesy].