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Weekend Gigs! Sheillah Mwanyigah isn’t doing that bad!

[Sheillah Mwanyigah isn't that bad right? I respect the Media personality who has worked in the radio industry for decades, From Nation FM, to Easy FM, to Kiss FM, to Classic FM. Anyway what you see there is none of my business but what I know is Sheillah Mwanyigah is the best Radio presenter. Photo/Courtesy].

Let’s enjoy the Weekend furthermore it is Easter Weekend until Monday, is there a problem?

In Mombasa, the weather is just cool just 27 degrees, with such a cool rainy weather you know what to do with it. Don’t wait  for my advice since am also waiting for your advice.

For the motorists, is it a real dry spell? Or it’s a matter of Rubis and deportation of Jean-Christian Bergeron or the replacement with Polycarp Igathe?

Anyway, when you think of ‘Change Must Come’, you may end up getting mad but anyway you can make a call to the concerned parties one being Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi and Mombasa Woman Representative Aspirant, Amina Abdallah as well as the main culprit Selina Maitha and enquire for an answer! It is politics anyway!

If you get the correct answer or way forward, kindly share with us! Meanwhile Enjoy the Easter Celebrations!

[When the going gets tough for the Deputy President William Ruto, then the tough gets going! The man is not giving up yet since the journey has to continue to the end. Don’t forget that he is the Kenya Kwanza-UDA Presidential aspirant. Photo/DPPS].

[Is it excessive weed smoking or creativity? A Kenyan man amazed many after constructing a helicopter that does not move even an inch. Congratulations for the creativity, you will one day surpass the Chinese nationals who have taken over the country’s construction industry. Push until something happens and you will for sure help us attend the 2022 World cup in Qatar even if our team Harambee Stars always show us the 8th, 9th and 10th wonders of the world. Photo/Courtesy].

[Is Kenya becoming almost hell? Anyway leave alone that question since I have never been to hell and come back to Kenya. If you know the meaning of ‘Dry spell’ then Kenya is currently suffering from oil dry spell. Who causes it, who is suppose to solve it I am not so sure of but what I know is that Kenyans do not want any PR stunts but a working government. Photo/Courtesy].

[In Nigeria, that animal on the shoulder is somehow a delicacy have you tried it? Montor Lizard is hunted and eaten in our neighbouring West Africa country. You can try it at home especially during this Easter then share the results. Don’t forget to add a little lemon and pepper okay? Photo/Courtesy].

[I did not cause the fuel shortage so that is your own problem, since I have paid you money, take me to where am supposed to go, period. Am not in anyway alighting this motor bike. Photo/Courtesy].