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Weekend Gigs! When cold weather triggers innovation!

[The cool innovation that is badly needed by single men especially in the morning before 'waking up'. I can supply you when in need. Let's be Brother's keeper. Photo/Courtesy/August, 27, 08, 2022].

It has been tough for all Kenyans before the general elections and even tougher for Mombasa and Kakamega Counties who had to wait for more than two weeks before getting their date with the ballot. However, Kenyans will be eagerly following on the ‘opaque’ unfolding at the Supreme Court when the heavy weights will be battling out on the Presidential petition. Anyway as we wait for all such events, other Kenyans care less about such issues provided they put food on the table. The weekend is just but getting started here! Photos/Courtesy.

[In such a barber then be sure that men can even spend a whole day there without feeling hungry or feeling the pinch of spending money. Ooh my God! what a close shave I would wish to get it right now, right here! For the lady with such warm, soothing innovation, may you remain dry or wet the choice is yours!].

[The young talented male Radio presenter from a Coast leading Mijikenda Radio station Radio Kaya might be digging his own grave! However, do not judge a book by its cover, he might be ‘The animal’ somehow but I have never asked ladies to overthink and start looking for him. When things gets tough you need to protect yourself using the hands in pretense that ‘everything’ is okay. Anyway the Sports presenter and news reporter Matano Mwacheruphe aka Digo-Grapher is available for the ladies just get in touch with us we will deliver your message to him ASAP].

[When Mr Digo-Grapher was protecting his ‘goods’ Our very own 100 metre Hero Ferdinand Omanyala was simply displaying his ‘engine’ that makes him moving quick and fast. How you will interpret this information is purely none of my concern].

[Wow! Comedian Eric Omondi displaying his hips in a Nara Luxury Africa tummy oil promotion. Congratulation Sir!].

[When you are saved and a renowned preacher but your experience suggests otherwise. please be true to yourself and avoid showing your ‘eating’ experience in front of the congregation. Please do not overthink, am just talking about a microphone here].


[For the men, do not pretend that this message is not hitting you hard in the head, though for some, the work is done by their wives, ooh girls, ooh sorry, lovers, or may be side-chicks, it doesn’t matter the message is well delivered at home. Thank you Mr Shossy Brown for being a Brother’s keeper! Anyway if you don’t want to shave you can as well remain like a chimpanzee its your own problem].